In the month of June, staff brainstormed and assembled a document to visually
explain the visions and actions of the Genesee: Our County, Our Future plan. The
Visions and Actions help to guide the plan chapters by offering a succinct
reference to how the plan is divided and the steps the plan is taking to reach its

Staff identified five overall “visions” or goals that include: Community
Development, Economic Development, Environment, Quality of Life, and
Infrastructure. Each vision includes an overarching statement. These visions were
derived from feedback received from over 1,000 residents who participated in
the community survey, the 100+ stakeholder interviews conducted by staff, and
other public outreach efforts.

The “Actions”, or objectives, outline specific steps to be taken that can help to
further reach each vision of the Genesee: Our County, Our Future plan. The
attached matrix identifies each requirement met by the individual action
statement and/or if it is derived from public input received.