During the month of May, GCMPC held three listening sessions to get a deeper understanding of the issues our local units of government face. Stakeholders from local units of government, road agencies and others were invited to attend sessions to discuss ways we can work together to make improvements in the areas of Housing, Solid Waste, and Transportation. Below is a brief summary of what was discussed at each session. Attached are full summaries of each session.

Transportation Listening Session – May 2, 2019
The main topic of discussion was the growing problem with funding our roads and bridges. Infrastructure continues to deteriorate while funding stays the same. Representatives of the Road Commission, Mass Transportation Authority, and local units of government discussed potential local solutions such as special assessments, millages, and public/private partnerships.

Solid Waste and Recycling Listening Session – May 3, 2019
At this session, attendees discussed how we can work together to improve the efficiency of our solid waste and recycling programs. Some conclusions from this session were that local governments could use assistance in negotiating solid waste service contracts and should work with each other on shared service contracts. More recycling education would also be beneficial.

Housing Listening Session – May 23, 2019
This session focused on middle-income neighborhoods in Genesee County, and how we can work together to revitalize and sustain them. Attendees discussed pros and cons of strategies such as more active code enforcement, getting neighbors to communicate more, and reinvesting in “tired” neighborhoods.