GCMPC held the Genesee County 2045 LRTP Call for Projects during the month of
July 2019. Projects submitted addressed capacity deficiencies. Staff received 10
projects in response to the LRTP Call for Projects; nine from the Genesee County
Road Commission and one from the City of Swartz Creek. Projected funding was
not available for all projects, so an Illustrative List of projects was created. Projects
that are on the Illustrative List are considered for inclusion in the LRTP if additional
funding becomes available.

Attached to this memo is a listing of all projects that aim to address capacity
deficiencies within Genesee County’s 2045 LRTP. This includes the FY 2020-2023
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) EDC funded Projects List, the proposed
2045 LRTP Capacity Project List, and the proposed 2045 LRTP Illustrative Capacity
Project List.

Also attached is a listing of all FY 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program
(TIP) Projects approved locally for funding in July by the Genesee County
Metropolitan Alliance. These projects are awaiting approval from FHWA and FTA.

Click here to view the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Projects

Click here to view the Call for Projects Documentation