GCMPC held the Genesee County CDBG 2019-2021 Call for Projects, and 2019 ESG and HOME Call for Projects during the month of November 2018. Staff received many project requests from each participating local unit of government and approved projects based on available funds and eligibility. The communities, with assistance from GCMPC staff, identified projects based on public input, to address local needs and priorities that are consistent with the goals of the Genesee County Consolidated Plan. All funds are estimates based on funding received in 2019. Actual funding amounts will be updated once received from HUD. Projects will be adjusted to reflect the change as needed.

Below is a listing of all projects that aim to address the needs of the community within Genesee County. This includes the 2019-2021 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funded Projects List, the 2019 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funded Project List, and the 2019 HOME Investment Partnership Program funded Project List.